How to make money from blog in 2019

can i make money from blogger?

Yes, it is possible if you give  the correct information to the user.what they are searching or needed

Tips to follow before starting a blogger.

I hope this trick helps you to get a lot of money for your blogger

  • Research and select the topic before starting a website
  • Never think about money, always try to pass on the best and most relevant information to people
  • choose trending topics and news-based topics to get consistent income

How to Start a Successful Blog in just 6 steps

  1. sign in your google account and open blogger
  2.    2.create a blogger .
  3.    3.title of your site & address of your site(Domain).
  4.    4.create post.
  5.    5.Setup theme.
  6.    6.layout setup and publish

Now open Google and just enter Sign in to your blogger with your Google Account. In this process, you use the email address and password of your Gmail account to sign up for Blogger.


After opening the blogger, the page will look like this.

2.create blogger

After logging in, the latest versions of Blogger that you use to view your Blogger profile simply indicate the name of your blogger. After a control panel, the following image is displayed. Completly view  this image in 1 minute after click on “Create Blogger”.

3.title of your site & address of your site(Domain).

After clicking on create a new blog, a panel like this will appear below the image. it will give you the title of your blog example :onlinemoneypath and the blog address example: Then, after selecting the relevant theme of your topic and clicking on the Create new blog are completed how to create a blogger .


4.create post.

If you then click on “Create blog”, the following page will be redirected in this way. Here you have to click on the new post button.

Once you have made a new post, you will be redirected to a new post to add a publication. In this post, you must first specify the title of the page and the title of the page, as well as the description of the page. As the image below add description of post

After making an post click to publish the post.then your first post submitted successfully.

5.setup theme

After publishing your  blog you can see an interface where we develop your blogger post and content as the interface same like as below picture.

Now select your theme or customize your theme which will be suitable for your blogger.the theme selection procedure given below image.

Now choose your blog theme and click the theme which you want to be like.

click to apply blog and finish it now your theme setup is successfully completed .you can view your blogger through “view blogger”.

6.layout setup

After setup a theme you have to customize your blogger layout.the screen view will like this the below image.

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